GA Redistricting: Barrow to be shoved out of Savannah?

AJC analyzes a draft map from source and provides some tidbits for a special session that starts August 15:

In the 12th District, U.S. Rep. John Barrow, the last white Democrat from the Deep South, would be pushed out of his residence in Savannah. Previously, Republicans targeted him by forcing Barrow to move from his original base in Athens. Under this map, Augusta would become Barrow’s third home. If he survives a 2012 vote

In the 2nd District, U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop,D-Albany, would be strengthened by moving into the Bibb County area – a Democratic-leaning region might have served as a base for a challenge to Austin Scott.U.S. Rep. John Lewis’s 5th District would be pushed deep into DeKalb County, nearly to Dunwoody, and U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson’s 4th District, which has been dominated by DeKalb, would move further east into Rockdale and Newton counties, whose African-American populations have exploded.

The article continues: “One Capitol voice we talked to, who is familiar with the map and is close to the redistricting process, said it largely reflects current thought among Republicans — especially when it comes to south Georgia. But expect some tweaking, especially in metro Atlanta. As drawn, the lines for the 7th District, now occupied by Republican Rob Woodall, wouldn’t hold up over 10 years. Population shifts would nearly guarantee that the district would wind up in Democratic hands by 2021.”

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