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If you thought the U.S. Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder was already shockingly biased toward far-left causes, get ready for a more permanent problem.

As Hans A. von Spakovsky has outlined in the first of five articles for Pajamas Media about DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, Holder has hired 16 civil service employees — not political appointees — in the Voting Rights Section.  This means they will be part of the permanent bureaucracy.

It’s part of an overall trend of loading the Civil Rights Division with card-carrying leftists despite Holder’s promise to hire qualified people regardless of ideology.

All of the new hires have radical backgrounds, including several with the ACLU displayed prominently on their resumes.  Some specifically oppose measures to curb voter fraud, such as requiring photo I.D.s.  Since no conservatives have been hired, Mr. von Spakovsky aptly titled his article “Every Single One: The Politicized Hiring of Eric Holder’s Voting Section.”

The information was released only after Pajamas Media prevailed in a lawsuit after their Freedom of Information Act request was ignored. What gall, trying to find out who is on the public payroll.

With the 2012 national elections looming, Americans concerned about voter fraud should be nervous about the prime federal enforcer of voting integrity being salted with left-wing partisans.

In May 2009, Holder quashed the case against three New Black Panthers who had been caught on tape openly target=”_blank”>intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling station in 2008. Honest career attorneys at DOJ had obtained convictions, but Holder dismissed the charges.

And, as former DOJ Voting Rights Section attorney J. Christian Adams has revealed, the Division’s lawyers have been told, in effect, to ignore discrimination complaints from white citizens. Testifying on July 6, 2010 before the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, Mr. Adams said that Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes announced that “the Voting Section will not bring any other cases against blacks and other minorities.”

This is before all the new appointees even got settled into their offices.

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