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Obama seeks to divide at Sharpton affair, say critics

This is article 967 of 967 in the topic ObamaFollowing the lead of his Attorney General Eric Holder this week, President Barack Obama came to New York City on Friday to be with one of his loyal, albeit suspicious, supporters, Rev. Al Sharpton, and to s…

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“Do We Still Need the Voting Rights Act?”

Ben Jacobs writes for The Daily Beast.

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“Don’t Worry About the Voting Rights Act; If the Supreme Court strikes down part of it, black and Hispanic voters will be just fine.”

Eric Posner and Nick Stephanopoulos have written this piece for Slate.

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Arizona AG Says Burden of Complying with Voting Rights Act “Huge”

Important article in the Arizona Republic.

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“Shelby County files Voting Rights Act appeal with U.S. Supreme Court”

Birmingham News: “Shelby County took its challenge of the Voting Rights Actto the U.S. Supreme Court today, asking the justices to declare part of the 1965 law an unfair burden on states such as Alabama where the federal government still … Continue reading

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Holder, DOJ to file lawsuit against Florida despite proof of illegal voters

The Attorney General Eric Holder isn’t going to allow his legal problems get in the way of Department of Justice officials on Monday announcing their intention to sue the Florida over its so-called “purge” of the state’s voter r…

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Holder to Florida: Stop checking records for illegal voters

On Friday, Attorney General Eric Holder and the U.S. Justice Department demanded that the State of Florida — considered a vital electoral state — to stop checking voter records in that state’s probe of illegal voter registrations.

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“Florida Voter Rules Assailed by Judge, Justice Department”

Bloomberg reports.

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Obomination: DOJ “More Partisan Than Ever” Under Obama

See pages 6-7 of this report (via RNLA blog).

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AG drops Voting Rights Act lawsuit, plans to re-file

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office asked a federal court to dismiss its lawsuit against a provision of the Voting Rights Act, saying it doesn’t have the resources to fight an expensive court battle.

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